If you are a Farm Marketer, CSA or Home Gardener searching for proven hard to find dependable strains, year after year we offer unique high quality hard neck seed garlic not commonly grown by commercial growers.  If you’re a garlic lover, we strongly suggest trying one or more of these unique tasty garlics in your home kitchen. For a real treat, try our signature Roasted Garlic Spread to liven up your favorite creations. With a blend of all the tasty garlic grown on our farm, paired with a subtle seasoning and imported EVOO, we’re confident you’ll agree there is nothing like it to be found anywhere! 

After many years trialing different garlic varieties and dozens of hard neck strains, experience has revealed that within the Marbled Purple Stripe family lies our preferred choices. Marbleds  are superior for our climate, growing routine, flavor requirements and are easy to pop & plant. In addition, we’ve trialed several rare cultivars from the Asiatic family that we liked and should have limited availability.  We’ll have a limited amount of Russian Giant (Marbled Purple Stripe), Takayama, Matakana, Pyong Yang (Asiatics) and Tai Cang (Unclassified) in half pound limits. Our objective remains to seek out, trial and market quality, dependable hard to find marbled purple stripe & Asiatic garlic strains from around the globe. We pledge to never offer any unproven seed garlic to the public that does not meet our standards for quality, dependability and taste!

Please contact us directly at 570-966-1785 or email at info@goldenharvestacres.com to discuss your interests.

Pricing & Ordering Information

We accept Cashiers Checks, Money Orders or personal checks. Shipping charges will be calculated when order & destination are confirmed. Orders must be prepaid in full prior to shipping. All orders purchase by a personal check must clear prior to shipping.


Seed Garlic is available @ $20 per pound.

Culinary/Kitchen Grade garlic is available @ $12 per lb.

There is a 3 lb. minimum purchase for both seed and kitchen grade Garlic.

Volume Discounts

None are currently offered at this time.

How to Order

Contact us by phone or email to place your order. Please include your name, phone number and address in addition to the amount and selections you wish to purchase. Garlic orders will not be held for reservation until full payment has been received.

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