Glass bottle with gold lid. Bottle is filled with a golden colored liquid with dark speckles. Orange label contains a halved peach and basil leaves. Label reads "Golden Harvest Acres Peach Basil Vinnaigrette Net Wt. 12 oz (340 grams)"Thinking of gifts, stocking stuffers, additions to your gift baskets, favors or tasty treats for your holiday celebrations? For local pickup or delivery, we are offering a special 10% Holiday discount from now until New Years Day Jan. 1st with the purchase of 12 of anything from our current in stock selection. For online ordering we’re offering a 10% discount on purchases of $100 or more. To receive your 10% discount, use Holiday Special when finalizing your online purchase. As always, we try to make it as convenient as possible for local pickup or delivery. We’re currently have very low inventory on our Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut if that is an interest in your mix or match purchase. We do not ship Sauerkraut as it is a “Keep Refrigerated” product. Shop Our Pantry to choose from our tasty selection.

Our Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut is naturally fermented using liquid whey that is a by-product when processing Greek Yogurt. Our Sauerkraut is a delicious balance of tang and natural sweetness high in probiotics and natural nutrients with a delightful squeaky-clean crunch. The caraway imparts an earthy, slight citrussy finish that adds to its unique flavor. Ingredients: cabbage (grown here) whey, salt, caraway with No Additional Water Added. You can order direct by contacting us at 570-966-1785. To arrange pick up or local delivery, you can contact us anytime. Sauerkraut is packaged in quart jars and can be purchased individually at $12 per quart. We’re unable to ship Sauerkraut as it is a “Keep Refrigerated” product. If visiting or traveling through our area, give us a call and we’ll do our best to make pick up convenient for you. If local, it is also available at “The Old Mill Creamery” in Cowan, just a short scenic drive west of Lewisburg on Rt. 192.

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Golden Harvest Acres is a family owned and operated garlic/produce farm that specializes in the production of world class “authentic small batch gluten free gourmet food products”. Our products are crafted in small batches with the use of all premium ingredients of which many are sustainably grown here on our small farm. Beginning with our signature “Roasted Garlic Spread” we have since expanded our initial creation into a wide selection of tasty jams, spreads and vinaigrettes. Our gourmet food operation is currently based on our small farm just outside the small quaint town of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. Our products are crafted to be both unique and of unparalleled quality containing premium local and imported ingredients that are certain to enhance your cooking and liven up your table. A perfect example of our world class innovation is our top selling “Hot Pepper Jam” made with an abundance of ripe sweet red bell peppers. In addition to being among the finest pepper jams available, it has become our most requested and sought-after product with continual repeat purchases. We’re quite confident you’ll agree our tasty selection of gluten free gourmet food products to be among the finest, if not the finest in their respective classes.   

How Golden Harvest Acres Started

Prior to moving to Pennsylvania in 1998, John and Sara had been involved in different aspects of farming in three different states. Within a short time, fourteen acres of prime productive farmland were purchased just outside the small historic town of Mifflinburg in the bucolic Buffalo Valley of Union County. Upon completion of our home, we continued our tradition of growing vegetable crops of which gourmet hard neck garlic was of particular interest. At that time, we had no idea that in the future all the tasty garlic grown on our small farm would be responsible for the beginning of a “small batch gluten free gourmet foods” business. Then, in the 2012 growing season, we were blessed with an abundant garlic crop and needed a way to market our excess harvest. Out of necessity, John and Sara came up with the idea of a gluten free “Roasted Garlic Spread ” made with a blend of all the tasty garlic grown on our farm. After receiving such a positive initial response, we were confident we could create other tasty products. 

About Our Products

From the beginning, we’ve made a conscious effort to create and produce the finest “authentic small batch gluten free gourmet food products” available. We begin with the sourcing of all premium ingredients both imported and domestic of which some are grown sustainably right here on our small farm. We’re adamant about using clean (natural) ingredients in all our products without the use of artificial preservatives or emulsifiers. We go to great lengths to develop only products in unique flavor combinations that are not redundant with other brands. An example of our creative ability was realized right from the start with our signature “Roasted Garlic Spread”. In addition, our vinaigrettes have become quite popular with sophisticated foodies who enjoy fine eating. Our “Roasted Garlic Red Wine Vinaigrette” made with real roasted hard neck garlic, imported EVOO and an aged red wine vinegar is among the finest marinades available. Our fruity balsamic vinaigrettes actually become more flavorful as they age! One of our recent additions, “Rhuberry Jam” is a classic homestyle jam consisting of fresh rhubarb, strawberries and black raspberries bursting with fruity flavor. There are just so many exciting pairings used with all our tasty products that you’ll only be limited by your creative imagination. You can be assured all our tasty products are of the highest quality, carry clean labels and are gluten free!
Please take a moment to view all the tasty products in our Shop Pantry and you’ll understand why we call our boutique garlic farm and gourmet foods business “Golden Harvest Acres”.

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