Our Story

Golden Harvest Acres began as a husband & wife owned and operated garlic farm that now specializes in the production of authentic small batch gluten free specialty food products. Our products are uniquely crafted from premium quality clean ingredients that feature exclusive flavor combinations that would be extremely difficult to find elsewhere.

Beginning with our “Roasted Garlic Spread” and “Pumpkin Butter” in 2013, we have since expanded our initial tasty creation into a wide selection of authentic small batch world class specialty food products. Our garlic and specialty food operation is based from our small farm just outside the quaint town of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania in the bucolic Buffalo Valley.
Our products are crafted from both imported and domestic premium quality ingredients that feature unique flavor combinations that are certain to enhance your cooking and liven up your table. A perfect example of our innovation is our ridiculously amazing “Hot Pepper Jam”  made with all premium quality clean ingredients. We’re confident you’ll agree that our popular “Hot Pepper Jam” to be among the finest if not The Best authentic small batch “Hot pepper Jam” to be found anywhere.  

How Golden Harvest Acres Started

After relocating back to Pennsylvania in 1998, John and Sara purchased 14 acres of prime farmland just outside the small historic town of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania in the scenic Buffalo Valley of Union County. Upon completion of our home, we continued our tradition of growing vegetable crops of which gourmet hard neck garlic was of particular interest. The objective from the onset was to acquire proven hard to find hard neck garlic strains for production and distribution of seed garlic nationwide. At that time, we had no idea that in the future all the tasty garlic grown on our farm would be responsible for the beginning of a small batch gluten free specialty food business.

In the  2012  growing season, we were blessed with an amazing garlic and butternut squash crop and needed a way to market our abundant harvest. As a result, John and Sara developed a tasty gluten free formulation for each. Our initial two products, “Roasted Garlic Spread ” and “Pumpkin Butter” were popular from the beginning  and so we named our farm Golden Harvest Acres. After a positive response, we were confident that we could create other tasty products that were not redundantly produced by others . Our objective going forward is to continue offering unique tasty products and dependable friendly customer service that we have come to be recognized for.